Start learning in 2023!

Are you looking for clarinet or saxophone lessons for yourself and/or your child? Contact me to secure a place in this year’s lesson schedule! I am classically-trained musician offering primarily classically-centric courses – looking at how to read music, how to feel music, and how to play music accurately! Most importantly, we will work together to make something sound beautiful.

There is no age limitation on learning! Whether you have a child who is learning an instrument for the first time, or you are retired and looking for a new hobby, I will ensure to give you a quality education.

My philosophy includes making sure that you know exactly what you need to know in order to play your instrument safely and confidently. Not only this, I believe that it is important that every person has the opportunity to expand upon this knowledge and understand why it works. Why do we breathe into our diaphragm? Why do we hold the clarinet the way we do? How do reeds work, exactly?

For more advanced players, this will include a deeper understanding on the periodic playing of your pieces of music, accuracy in more advanced technique and phrasing, and an opportunity to look at the theory behind the music.

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